Clients (A – L)

Aston, Elizabeth

Mr. Darcy’s Masquerade

Mr. Darcy’s Drama

Mr. Darcy Requests the Pleasure

Barrett, C.S.

The Masterpiece Murder

Bishop Char

Crumbs from the Edge

Buchanan, Susan

Sign of the Times

The Dating Game

The Christmas Spirit

Return of The Christmas Spirit

Byrd, Rhyannon

Making His Move

Celeste, E.L.

A Clockwork Lime

A Vintner’s Tale

Landship Engine

Clarke, Belinda

Chasing Happiness

Coatney, Kathy

From the Farm to the Table: Dairy

From the Farm to the Table: Bees

From the Farm to the Table: Olives

From the Farm to the Table: Potatoes

From the Farm to the Table: Almonds

From the Farm to the Table: Beef

Dad’s Girls

Curran, Kate

She’s Out of His League

Falling For You…Again

Leaving Me Breathless

Cudby, Karen

Your Life Rules!
The 30 Day Plan to help 20 Somethings beat the Quarter Life Crisis

DeWitt, Norm

Making it FASTER: Tales from the Endless Search for Speed

Di Carlo, John


Douglas, Diana

The Bewitching Hour (Once a Spy Book 1)

The Devil’s Own (Once a Spy Book 2)

The Tattooed Angel, a Time-travel (The Amulet Book 1)

Edmondson, Elizabeth

Fencing with Death

Finding Philippe

The Villa in Italy

The Frozen Lake

A Youthful Indiscretion

Erickson, Lu

Where the Hell is Myra Atkins?

Of Mist and Shadow


Evans, Arthur CBE

Sojourn in Silesia

Flavin, Dana, Dr.

Molecular Alterations in Tumor Promotion and Cancer: 1976-1986

Flint, Debbie

Hocus Pocus ’14

Hawaiian Trilogy – Escape, Affair, Retreat

Grant, Margaret

Where Rowans Intertwine

Green, Holly

Fry Scores

Greenway, E.J.

Power Play

Hallowell, Mary Jane

The Mistletoe Run and other stories

Hendrix, Robin

How to Sing Like the Great Singers

Holleman, Joseph

The Prosperity Clock

Empires of Gold, Iron and God

Hopp, Else Elfriede

Innocence Lost

Huber, Linda

The Attic Room

Chosen Child

Hull, Mark

Basic Network Utility Economics

Jewell, Denise

Big Trouble – An Evelyn Lee Emerson Novel

Knight, Jodi

Filthy Gorgeous

Lawrence, Lesley

Win Your Own Case