Caeser’s Ghost

Caesar's Ghost

Formatted for Kindle

Each standalone book in this series will take you to a grave new world where those who’ve played fast with their lives or the law are on the run from karma. Breakneck thrills, hairpin turns and forces hellbent on collecting await. Only the noblest souls will survive.

Dead Again meets Julius Caesar today…with a sharp twist of The Sting.

The legendary Roman’s ghost is granted the chance for a comeback. But it objects to being ‘thrown’ into an unlikely host: Jules See, a mild-mannered loser with a passion for the Classics. With some spirited help from JC, and a bogus resume, Jules lands a plumb teaching job at a prestigious college. Unknown to him, or JC, he’s just been trapped in a dangerous scam. And when he starts probing too deeply, he’s beaten half to death.

JC, now trapped in the comatose Jules, learns a trick the gods have kept secret till now: he can jump from one host to another–instead of allowing them to throw him where they will. He does, and continues to do so, as he pursues his three-part plan: to find a way to heal Jules…to rip off the mobsters who beat him…and to rule the world again–if he can only find Cleo.


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